Skills Clinic Brings Players to the Next Level

Last night’s clinic attracted 15 players of diverse skill levels.

Expert Instruction

Coached by experienced trainers, participants honed their stopping, stick handling, turning, and back skating skills, mastering new techniques to elevate their gameplay.

Challenge Meets Reward

Designed for players of all levels, the clinic presented a challenging yet fulfilling experience. Both seasoned pros and new players had the chance to better their skills and reach their full potential on the ice.

Friendly and Fun

Not only was the clinic an opportunity to improve hockey skills, it also served as a chance to connect with fellow hockey enthusiasts. The friendly and fun atmosphere made for a memorable experience for all attendees.

We look forward to hosting more clinics, helping players of all skill levels achieve their goals on the ice.

Register for Adult Skills Hockey Clinic

AGES 16+

helmet, gloves, shin pads, skates & stick

skating skills, edge work, tight turn drills, passing quick release shots, game play scenarios, positional awareness, zone puck cycling

skating, positioning, save selection

For questions, email [email protected] or call 918.231.2127

Please note:

During check out, please use the name of the player attending the Skills Clinic. After check out is complete, a confirmation email will be sent out (within a few business days) via the email provided with additional info regarding the clinic.


Adult Skills Hockey Clinic
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